Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Love Advice

More advice on love from Frederick Douglass' Paper, 7 July 1857:

Never shrink from a woman of strong sense. If she becomes attached to you, it will be from seeing similar qualities in yourself. You may trust her, for she knows the value of your confidence, you may consult her, for she is able to advise, and does so at once, with the firmness of reason, and the consideration of affection. -- Her love will be lasting, for it will not have been lightly won; it will be strong and ardent, for weak minds are not capable of the loftier grades of passion. If you prefer attaching yourself to a woman of feeble understanding, it must be either from fearing to encounter a superior person; or from the poor vanity of preferring that admiration which springs from ignorance, to that which approaches to appreciation.

If this did not come from another paper, I suspect that the author was Julia Griffiths. Of course, Frederick Douglass would not have objected. He had a thing for women "of strong sense," both as wives and as friends.

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