Saturday, November 15, 2014

Long Time, No See

One of my students inquired about my absence from this blog for the past year and a half. What can I say? Book or blog? Book wins. It is not yet done, but the end is within reach. What began as a project synthesizing research about Douglass and women, with some original research included, grew into a project that now relies almost wholly on original research with only passing mention of secondary sources. Much of that has to do with the weaknesses in the secondary work in regard to the women in his life.

In any case, I kept a list of good items for blog posts. These include many cool stories that just don't fit into the book. Now, I'm hoping to get back to this blog, especially as the book winds down -- or up -- and before the production begins (and the attendant slashing and burning of whole chunks of the book, since it has gone WAY over word count).

Hope springs eternal, but I do have cool odds and ends that will appear here eventually.